About ExtroForge


ExtroForge is a wickedly fun hybrid game. Part RTS, part FPS with some RPG elements thrown in for good measure. In ExtroForge, you and your team construct a colony, upgrade your technology, protect your civilians, and battle against other players. Players face off in epic 32 player matches, comprised of two teams of 16 players each. Once the game begins, the race is on to secure resources, find a home for your colony and begin construction. As you gather more resources and refine your technology, you build greater and more complex structures, and eventually vehicles that you can use to explore the world and to ride into battle.

ExtroForge features intense battles, with each self-contained match lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to days. With an FPS feel, ExtroForge also integrates a modular construction building mechanic that allows you construct your base in any way you can imagine. Build towering skyscrapers, ramps, bridges, city blocks, and much, much more. In addition, both the mysteries of Sorteria and the dark truths of the world we left behind are explored in an exciting story progression, with encounters in multiplayer matches giving you insight into the world of Sorteria, and the human story that led to this place.

Create your character, upgrade your weapons and armor, and level up. The combination of these elements makes ExtroForge a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


After the world economy collapsed in 2150, two factions rose from the ashes- the Republic of Earth, run by the corporation Global Holdings Unlimited, and the People’s Democratic State. Bitterly divided by conflicting ideologies, the two sides engaged in what became a 200 year war. The enigmatic Council of Order and Justice tried to keep the peace, but the war brought the planet to near ruin. In 2373, both sides launched their nuclear arsenals, the final straw for our ailing planet.

The decision was made to leave, and mankind boarded great Arks, and embarked on a 2000 year journey. In the year 4402, the remnants of humanity awoke from stasis in orbit around a new world, Sorteria. However, the deep-rooted hatred between the two factions had not disappeared, and the military forces of both sides set down on Sorteria with one goal: to claim this new world for themselves.


Each round takes place on a randomly generated 4 km by 4 km island on an alien world. With one team starting on the East end of the island and the other on the West end, you must construct your base and go search out your enemy’s. Sweeping vistas surround you on this alien world: lakes, rivers, mountains, snow to the North, tropics to the South. Do you build your home base on a mountain top? Or do you hide it behind hills? The choice is up to you and your team.


Using modular, stackable pieces, construct any kind of building you can imagine. Protect your resources by building a massive fortress around them, with turrets to guard all sides. Build a massive bridge spanning between mountains. There’s no limit to what you can construct. Your defenses are yours to design and build.


You are part of the military and construction team, but your mission is to re-establish a home for your faction, and for the entire human race on Sorteria. This means that you will have to carefully manage elements of your colony to ensure that civilians begin to arrive from the Ark, and take up residence in your team’s colony. You’ll need to make sure they’re defended, happy and healthy. Oh, and that they remain loyal to your faction. Otherwise, they might defect to the enemy team.


Once you have successfully developed your technology, you will be able to construct vehicles and offensive weapons, bombs, guns and more. Dogfight in the sky with the enemy, perform a bombing run, or transport your team members deep into enemy territory.