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903, 2015

ExtroForge – Voxel Building and Destruction Part 1

By |March 9th, 2015|Development, Development News, FrontPage, Programmer's Corner|

While ExtroForge is first and foremost, a beautifully rendered game using traditional 3D mesh models to represent the terrain, players, creatures and buildings- we wanted player constructions to be unbounded by what elements we could pre-create for the game.

Early prototypes used mesh blocks that the player could create and connect to build all sorts of […]

312, 2014

Auto Turrets – Leading your Target

By |December 3rd, 2014|Development, Development News, FrontPage, Programmer's Corner|

Hello, it’s Jonathan, Lead Writer for ExtroForge, here to bring you a short technical article from the mind of our Lead Developer Jeff, on Auto Turrets and how our turrets will lead their targets.

“Hitting a moving target with a high-velocity, non-accelerating projectile is fairly trivial. Aim at where it is now – and the speed […]