On the planet Sorteria, there is more than just the other team trying to kill you. Extroforge will feature over 40, and growing, forms of wildlife that will randomly show during multiplayer matches to make each battle unique and unpredictable. The wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes. While not all of them want to make you dinner, you should always proceed with caution.

Today we are excited to show off a deadly predator in the venerator.


Our 2D artist Danny did a wonderful job at creating a creature that looks fast and ferocious. Equipped with sharp talons and long beak, the Venerator is made to be tops on the food chain.

With our dedication to unique A.I. for all of the creatures, each creature will live and react differently on the world. The venterators travel in packs called raids and will attack on sight. Once you spot one, or five, you and your team will need to have guns drawn because only one group is making it out.


Here we have the venerator in the world of Extroforge.  Just as terrifying as they looked in the concept art.

Do you think you could take a pack of Venerators? Maybe even sneak up on one? Let us know!