The Republic of Earth

During the economic collapse of 2150, most of the world’s largest businesses failed, and the governments of the world found themselves powerless to stop the economic crisis. With businesses and even governments declaring bankruptcy the world over, this left Global Holdings Unlimited, the largest corporation in the world, in a unique position. One of the only businesses to remain strong in the face of the largest depression ever seen, they used their enormous assets to bail-out businesses and entire countries. It was not long before their businesses controlled most of economy, and their security forces controlled most of the globe. Many people welcomed this as a new age of prosperity, trusting that the efficiency guaranteed by a corporate state would prevent anything like the economic collapse from happening again. Global created a new government to represent the people called The Republic of Earth. While the Republic had relatively little power on its own, it advised Global’s executives on the various issues.

Not everyone was on board with this new order, however. A number of Communists, claiming that Global Holdings Unlimited was merely taking advantage of the situation, launched a terrorist campaign against the corporation, with complete disregard for the lives of innocents. Unfortunately, outnumbered as they were, Global’s security forces were forced to retreat, leaving nearly half of the world in the hands of this Communist group, the so-called “People’s Democratic State”. However, peace did seem possible when a group called The Council of Order and Justice rose to power among the Communists. Negotiations were started between the two states, with high hope for a lasting understanding.

nicecomposedshotThat shot at peace disappeared in 2185, when terrorists working for The Council of Order and Justice bombed the Global Holdings Unlimited’s headquarters in New York. To respond to this threat, The Republic of Earth’s security forces began fighting to reclaim the land held by the Communist forces. The initial push was not successful, and the war effort soon started to take up much of Global’s resources. This went on for nearly two centuries, but The Republic of Earth would not concede victory, or even a draw, to the enemy. The war could not be lost, no matter what the cost.

The environmental conditions caused by Global’s unchecked industry were less than ideal. Toxic spills, contaminated water supplies, and somewhat polluted air were all unfortunate side effects of economic success. However, the final blow to the planet came from the Communists. On May 3rd, 2373, The People’s Democratic State fired its nuclear missiles at the Republic of Earth, and The Republic retaliated with its own. Though the majority of weapons were intercepted by the advanced missile defense systems on both sides, the ones that detonated upon interception and the few that found their mark fill the atmosphere with radioactive debris. The radiation levels, along with the existing pollution, make the planet unlivable. On May 10th, Global’s executives announce their decision to move the rest of the population to a new home via interstellar spaceships, manufactured by their subsidiary, Xentech.

October 6th, 2373. Those of us who have not died from radiation sickness are boarding the Xentech Arcs. The Communists have taken our friends, our family, our sense of security. And we are travelling to a new world, just to face those terrorists again.

The first two waves of ships to leave will be the soldiers who will secure our place on this new planet, codenamed Salvation, and behind them will be the rest of the civilians. The rest of humanity. Will you choose to be one of the soldiers? Will you fight to protect those innocents behind you? Will you fight for freedom and safety on your new home world?

The choice is yours. Join The Republic of Earth Army today.

Secure Victory. Secure Peace. Secure Salvation.