Hi folks,

We’re looking for some talented people to join the ExtroForge team.

What is ExtroForge, and what does it mean to join the team?

Well, ExtroForge is a game, yes, but it’s also a response to the current path of the human race.  As we watch, on a day to day basis, the world becoming hotter, ice melting, blood being shed, people being intolerant, and in general feeling like we’re heading toward some sort of cataclysm, we also discover distant worlds. We find these exoplanets that spark the imagination and kindle a type of optimism that there’s still hope. That is what ExtroForge is all about. It’s a realtime strategy game, yes, and a first person shooter, yes.. but it’s also a chance to explore what it might be like to start over. What the human race might do, if given a second chance. We’re creating an incredibly fun game, with an incredibly strong message. If we traveled for 2000 years to a distant and pristine world, would we bring our hatred and prejudice with us? That is what ExtroForge seeks to explore, while making an incredibly fun game at the same time.

A bit about the team. The creator of the game is Glen Rhodes, and he’s been in the games industry for 20 years. Glen started out working for Gray Matter Inc. in 1994, making games for the first generation Playstation. He’s also the author of several books on game development. (http://www.amazon.ca/Macromedia-Flash-Professional-Game-Development/dp/1584504870). He’s spoken at conferences on game development, and has developed games for many clients, including Disney, MTV, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Honda and many more. In 2011 Glen spent a couple of weeks working with Doom co-creator John Romero on a project. His portfolio can be seen at http://www.glenrhodes.com/portfolio

In addition to that, the other lead developer we have on the team is also currently a developer/engineer at SEGA.

The idea behind the game we’re creating is to generate something top notch for either a Kickstarter campaign, and eventually distribution on something like Steam, or full out development. That means it’s a volunteer collaboration, that will eventually turn into a job.

Where we are today

Over the last 10 months we’ve come a long way. We’ve created a back story that spans 2000 years, developed a full and lush bestiary, a massive tech tree, a wide array of game mechanics, structures and weapons. We’ve developed a beautiful looking world, full of life and detail. We’ve created beautiful 3D models, and a killer collection of music and sound effects.

We’ve also created several promotional videos to really show the story and sell the game. We have lots of pieces of branding, promotion and marketing in the works.

From the development side of things, we’ve coded a highly playable game, complete with RTS resource gathering, structure creation, a gorgeous voxel base and vehicle building engine and of course, an awesome multiplayer experience.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for a few developers who want to dive into a rich codebase and help complete the game feature set. Specifically, we need developers who’d love to:

– Code creature AI utilizing the navmesh pathfinding system.
– Work on the UI, game control scheme, and menus.
– Develop a rich and robust NPC dialog system with goals and states.
– Dive into multiplayer code for all areas of the game.
– Join a team of highly experienced developers with a collective total of over 40 years of experience.

You must be able to work well with a team, but also be proactive in getting things done. We need coders who think creatively with a desire to add value to the game experience. To make it fun. We work with a Unity Asset Server, and a GIT repo, and we use Jenkins to automatically create daily builds. Your code should be clean, readable and well documented. You’ll need to be able to attend regular team meetings (via Google hangouts).

Development – Web
We also need people who are interested in Web development to help create the backend and game server architecture for the game. We’re not talking about the multiplayer realtime game server, but rather things like account creation, forums, leaderboards, goals, etc., and also the production of internal tools.

3D Art:
We are looking for some artists to help create the assets for the game. On the 3D side, we need:

– Creatures, and animations.
– Characters (NPC, player and alien) and animations.
– Weapons.
– Structures.
– Various pieces and props.
– Space vehicles.
– Trees, vegetation and other environmental assets.
– Terrain textures.

In all cases above, you need to be able to model and texture, and prepare them as game-ready, FBX assets with appropriate poly count.

2D Art:
We are also looking for some 2D artists for the following:

User Interface:
– Menus
– Icons (for weapons, actions, etc.)
– Layout and general UX.

We’re looking for someone who can help define a clear and consistent UI style, and see it all the way to implementation, working closely with a developer.

Other 2D Art:
– Titles, game text, branding and web elements.
– Promotional items.
– Comic-style story.
– Storyboards and concept art.

Design / Art Direction:
We’d love to find someone who can help clarify and design the look and feel of ExtroForge. ExtroForge looks beautiful today, but still needs the touch of a singular vision. An art director who will look at everything as a whole, work with the team, and steer the look and feel of the game. Everything from the color palette, to the color curves effect applied to the game in realtime. We need someone to help define an “ExtroForge look” that is both beautiful and unique.

Are you the next John Williams, Howard Shore or Hans Zimmer? We’re looking for great music for both in-game, and promotional items. Also, all of the 3D assets listed above will require a whole lot of awesome sound design.

Vocal Talent:
Along with sound design we’ll also be looking for some talented voice actors when the time is right.

Story, Writing & Game Design:
We are looking for a writer or two to work with our lead writer in the creation and development of storylines, characters, cut scenes, and generally adding to the epic lore and world that ExtroForge lives in.

Video Editing / Motion Graphics:
Do you love After Effects? Element 3D? We’re looking for someone with some talent to create awesome videos, intros, titles and trailers.

For social media, website, and connecting with various game sites out there, we need someone who can help steer the outward face of ExtroForge. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, IndieDB and more, and we need someone who will help keep us visible and current. You’ll work closely with writers to create content, and of course play the game to capture awesome screenshots and video. You need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with fans, and future players. You’ll also need to be able to write good marketing copy for the site and for a crowd funding campaign.

We’re also looking for someone who loves to help keep things on track. A project manager type, who can help keep track of where all pieces in development are, doesn’t mind schedules and isn’t afraid to follow up.

That’s it.

Overall we’re looking for a good people who really want to be part of something great. Your experience level doesn’t matter as much as passion and excitement for the idea. We’re creating an entire world, an entire story, an entire history. Something that will ideally spin off into something players really care about. I’d like to see people wearing costumes from this game at Comic Con. :)

If you’d like to collaborate with experienced industry veterans on a game that has depth, and that people will truly love to play, then contact us at the following link, and let us know a little about yourself and what you’re interested in:

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