The People’s Democratic State

After the Economic Collapse of 2150, and the subsequent rise of Global Holdings Unlimited, those who believed that corporations and their greed were at fault for the collapse were not prepared to allow Global to simply take over. They banded together and rose up against Global’s control, forming the People’s Democratic State. The goals of the state were simple: to pursue equality and justice for all. Galvanized by early successes, and with popular support in a number of regions across the globe, The People’s Democratic State quickly won control of nearly 40% of the globe.

After reaching a stalemate with Global’s forces, they turned their attention instead to building their new country. Afraid of a strong central government, they struggled to accomplish their goals without any manner of centralized leadership, but faced with widespread famines, they ended up turning to The Council of Order and Justice. Comprised mostly of heroes from their war with global, the Council quickly established a large bureaucracy to meet day-to-day needs of its citizens and improve the near-stagnant industrial sector.

A bombing of Global’s headquarters in 2185, attributed to terrorists connected with the Council, ended the relative peace of this time. Faced with a full-scale invasion by Global’s forces, the newly revived industrial sector began to pump out the weapons of war at a frenzied pace. For nearly 200 years, this buildup of ever-advancing weaponry would continue, with complete disregard for the pollution caused. The war could not be lost, no matter what the cost.

May 3rd, 2373. A nuclear hell descended on the planet as Global fired its missiles, and The People’s Democratic State responded. Though the majority of weapons were intercepted by the missile defense systems, the ones that detonated upon interception and the few that found their mark filled the atmosphere with radioactive debris. We were forced to leave our planet, our home, behind.

October 6th, 2373. Those of us who have not died from radiation sickness are boarding the Alphasteel Titans. Global Holdings Unlimited and their greed did this. They destroyed out planet, killed our friends and family, and made us abandon our home, Earth, just to survive. They must pay.

The first two waves of ships to leave will be the soldiers who will secure our place on this new planet, codenamed Salvation, and behind them will be the rest of the civilians. The rest of humanity. Will you choose to be one of the soldiers? Will you fight to protect those innocents behind you? Will you fight for equality and justice on your new home world?

The choice is yours. Join The People’s Democratic Army today.

Secure Victory. Secure Peace. Secure Sorteria. Extroforge